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Uploaded to fastactivate by shannonamidy. Fastactivate may contain broken links due to a web scrape. If you notice any broken links please notify me immediately using the Contact form on site. 
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You can't do what you want in Active Directory because Group Policy is a user-specific setting and not a computer or system-wide setting. If a user is assigned Group Policy, the user can only see and apply Group Policy settings that the administrator set.
If you want to assign the Fast Activate addon to all users, you would need to remove the user from the Fast Activate User Group and add them to a new group that is assigned the addon.
Administrator (regarding

First, user FastActivate [id] is already a member of the group [$groupname] and is associated with the computer [$computerName].

An example would be:
-Remove the user FastActivate [id] from the group [$usergroup] on the

We do not encourage or condone the use of this program (Fastactivate) to gain access to private or sensitive information (passwords, email accounts, etc.) which is shared between members (in a group, a private conversation, etc.). All members must follow the instructions stated in this FAQ to preserve the security and integrity of the group itself.

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Once you have downloaded the file to your computer, you can open it and follow the instructions in the text which is inside the file.

No matter what section of the page is highlighted, you need to follow the instructions to ensure the security and stability of the group.

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