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Film Malibu Shark Attack Online Subtitrat In Romana.epub

Film Malibu Shark Attack Online Subtitrat In Romana.epub




Film Malibu Shark Attack Online Subtitrat In Romana.epub

10 april 2012

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Calculate frequency of decimal digit

How can I calculate the frequency of decimal digits in a number?
The number can be 1 to 999999. So I can't use floor or ceiling functions on the number or to do rounding.


In Python, you can use the Counter class from the collections module.
>>> from collections import Counter
>>> c = Counter(10**19 + 19 * i for i in range(999, 0, -1))
>>> c
Counter({9223372036854775808: 19, 9223372036854775807: 19, 9223372036854775806: 19, 9223372036854775805: 19, 9223372036854775804: 19, 9223372036854775803: 19, 9223372036854775802: 19, 9223372036854775801: 19, 9223372036854775800: 19, 922337203...})
>>> [sum(count)/len(range(sum(count), -1, -1)) for count in c]
[1.999999994, 1.999999987, 1.99999996, 1.99999994, 1.99999991, 1.99999989, 1.99999986, 1.99999982, 1.99999978, 1.99999976, 1.

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